The Three Top Uses of Patches

Patches have long served as a great way to show an insignia or design on garments without directly applying the decoration on clothing. But the traditional uses of the decoration also broadened as years pass by. From garments, emblems also became popularly used in accessories and outwear as well as for other purposes. This type of garment decoration is not only used in police or Boy Scout uniforms or as a means to recognize achievements and ranks. It is now also decorated in golf shirts, jackets and caps for recognition as well as exposure.

Traditional Uses

The use of patch became popular because of its ability to help identify individuals of a specific club or organization. And it is through this decorative insignia that important organizations, like the military, are able to establish and show their group identity role while also help in bringing people together.

This is also the main reason why patches became popular for the following uses:

1. Military and Police Uniforms

The military and law enforcement are among the most known organizations that popularly use emblems as part of their members’ uniforms. Emblems attached in military uniforms specifically signify the position that a person holds along with their country, name and division. In some cases, the military also uses emblems to commemorate specific missions or assignments. Badges are used in the law enforcement field to help the general public to easily identify the officers.

2. Motorcycle Club Members

The emblems used by motorcycle club members are referred as biker patches, which plays an important role to their apparel. Aside from identifying the member’s motorcycle club, emblems are also used to support the club or the biker’s image to help them create bold statements. Among these organizations, motorcycle clubs uses not just the biggest, but also the “baddest” emblems available.

3. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

PatchesEmblems for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts served as a way for the members to boast their scout troop pride. As it is, collecting and earning patches is one of the top goals that scouting members have. Each patch they earn gives an added sense of achievement for them as budding scouts.

4. Morale Patch

A Morale patch is not made for identification or merit. As for what its purpose is depends solely on the wearer. Unlike the official patch earned or displayed by military officials, a morale patch is more about imagination, creativity and making statements.

5. Sports Team

The patch used in sports team serves as a great way to show the team’s pride and display a person’s membership. The identity enabled and provided by the patch also helps in unifying the team members and boosting the team’s spirit to win.

All these uses have one thing in common. The patch is given to individuals as a way to recognize and reward their accomplishments regardless of how small or large it is.

Business or Promotional Purposes

The use of patches in businesses started in decorating it in their uniforms. Thinking out of the box, businesses later on realized the benefits that these decorative insignias can have in the promotion of their products and services. Soon, it became a significant part of companies’ branding strategy.

Tradeshows is just one of the most common instances when businesses use emblems, from their uniforms to the products they showcase. Hotels, spas, resorts and plumbing industries are just some of the most common businesses today that utilize embroidered patch to help brand their company and uniforms.

Creative Purposes

Embroidered patch is flexible, versatile and can be a nice addition to enliven any dull garments. These same facts are what make a custom patch a good solution to people who love personalizing their items, like their old jacket or their bags. With these decorative emblems, you can easily transform your jacket or clothes while also making a statement out of it.

From these, it can be concluded that there is no limit when it comes to the ways you can use a custom patch. It can recognize achievements and ranks, and give you the freedom to be creative. Does your father love collecting such emblems? A lot of providers now are offering custom patch services and even help you in the designing process. So if you are looking for a Father’s day gift or Christmas gift for your brothers or uncles who loves collecting these items, you now have an idea on what you can give them that they will truly appreciate.

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