Important Questions to Ask About Funeral Services

When planning to employ funeral services, there are questions that need to be asked first before you commit to a particular company. It is okay to ask these questions as you would be spending a lot of money on a very important, though typically unfortunate, moment in life. Here are some of the most important questions that you can ask from the very first meeting with the funeral director:

What are the various ways in which the body can be disposed of?

Funeral servicesAn experienced and reputable funeral director would have no qualms in discussing the various ways in which the deceased’s body will be disposed of. He will not push a particular service, just because it is the more expensive one, but would instead discuss all your options. You get to decide. The funeral director will discuss typical earth burials, cremations, and even mausoleum burials and may even pose the possibility of donating to body to medical science.

What are all the funeral services that you can offer?

Aside from the burial options, there are other funeral services such as memorials, embalming, and use of the facilities in the funeral home. It is important to know the extent in which the funeral home can provide services.

What are the basic costs involved?

Find out the most basic plan and how much it would cost. Compare it with the more elaborate funeral plans to see which you can afford or at least be willing to pay for. Basic costs may include payment for the planning, coordination with the cemetery, death certificates, notices, permits, storage, and crematory services. Know the corresponding costs of each basic service.

Would there be any other charges?

Obviously, there would be further charges if you decide to go for the more elaborate route, but it would be best to lay everything on the table from the very first day. These additional charges will also depend on whether you have availed of more services, such as a hearse, a limo, the funeral home chapel, and the like.

Is there any financial assistance available?

This may surprise you but you can actually ask for some information on the availability of financial assistance. A reputable funeral director should be able to give you not only service options but also payment options, as well as possible financial assistance.

Why is a cash advance important?

For most services, including wedding planning and food catering, a cash advance is important. However, it is still better to know what the cash advance pays off first. This way, we also better understand its urgency.

The cash advance may be used to pay for services and goods coming from outside providers. Flowers, after all, should be ordered in advance, the honorarium for the clergy may have to be paid, and the death notice should be published.

How long have you been in the funeral services?

You can ask this from the funeral director. If, for example, the funeral home’s website did not specify the length of time that they have been servicing funerals, then you do have the right to know. A reputable funeral home will more likely open up about past services and clients than one that is hiding something from you.

May I read some testimonials about your company?

If you are inclined to do so then request testimonials from past clients to better understand the quality of services that the funeral home can deliver. Aside from directly asking the funeral director, you can conduct your own research about the testimonials and reviews.

Are your employees licensed?

Know if the funeral home’s employees are licensed. Licensed funeral service practitioners will be more concerned about keeping up with the latest trends and practices in the funeral home service.

If you have other questions in mind then don’t hesitate to jot them down. Raise these questions on your first meeting with the funeral director. This way, you know that you will be provided with good services.

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