A Quick Guide to Women’s Golf Style

Much has been said about men’s golf style. There are an abundance of style guides helping men improve their golf apparel. In a sport dominated by men, it’s not hard to stand out and if you’re the type not used to getting attention, you will not feel good about being noticed. You may putt perfectly or poorly, but do not let yourself get caught dressed shabbily. You have to feel good about yourself before you can give your best.

Here is a short and rough sketch of the history of women’s golf style over the years. In the 1890’s women were still prohibited to wear pants and shorts. Skirts that end above the knee were indecent and were considered publicly inappropriate so women wore ankle-length skirts all the time matched with a long sleeve blouse. Such clothes were not conducive to playing golf. Their skirts would get caught when swinging the club, moreover it was difficult and uncomfortable to make a full shoulder swing due to the stiff and restrictive sleeves. The fabric used way back still had no stretch. Sometimes they even wore jackets. Women wore clothes that would only make them look good in the golf course. Gradually, knit cardigans and sweaters replaced jackets, and then women began wearing straight or pleated skirts. Women in the twenties even began wearing patterned stocking. Some women even started to wear knickerbockers or knickers for short. One-piece golf dresses that end at least below the knee became a very popular choice in the mid twenties. Fast forward to the sixties and women were starting to wear short sleeves and even Bermuda shorts.

Now, there is a wide variety of golf clothing available for women. For golf shirts women can choose from cap sleeves and sleeveless polo shirt. They can be matched with golf pants like Capri pants, slacks, trousers and khakis, or Bermuda shorts and skorts — a skirt with a short underneath to provide comfort and appropriate cover when playing golf.But always be prepared: some country clubs still don’t allow skorts or shorts. Clothing makers are reviving the one-piece golf shirt that was popular among women for decades, this time with a lot of stretch. The only concern when dressing up for golf is the dress code provided by your country club. They expect their clients to adhere to the dress code. Some clothing pieces, like cargo pants are banned in some country clubs.

Tank and tube tops, graphic tees, flip-flopsand denim are prohibited. When playing golf, wearing a collared polo shirt is a standard. They are collared with a good stretch and aren’t so formal. Make sure it is a good fit and not too tight. Loose may seem comfortable but the extra fabric would just get in the way. Denim is too rough and stiff for playing golf. In addition, always consider the weather; bring a sweater, a knit vest or a lightweight jacket.

Golf shirtConsider your dress size. Golf shirts within the range of size 18 to 24 tend to get sold out quickly because they are rare to find. Are you worried about tucking in your shirt? Surprisingly some courses require women to tuck in their shirt. Although they constitute only a small percentage, it’s better to check out the rules of your country club. Tucked-in shirts, however, are a staple among men.

Clothing makers have implemented advanced features in golf shirts. Take advantage of lightweight and breathable items. Some shirts are even made out of specially treated fabric that makes them odor-repellant and fast drying, remaining lightweight even if the player is drenched in sweat. Some have UV-protection.

Above all, know that golf shirts are an investment.